ASK CHRISSY  Award winning Chrissy B produces and hosts the UK’s ONLY TV show dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. She is also the founder of the MHDChallenge (Mental Health Dance Challenge) the world’s 1st ever dance encouraging people to fight back against depression. Websites: & Email:   Dear Chrissy I really want to do well in life but I don’t seem to be able to stick to things. I have lots of good ideas but I always feel the need to run them by someone first to get approval and then I get discouraged and don’t bother. I’m always doubting myself or lack the energy or drive to move forward. I feel like such a failure sometimes. What’s wrong with me? Amanda Dear Amanda, There’s nothing wrong with you – let’s get that clear straight away. You just need to develop resolve and perseverance.  It’s not because you’re not capable, it’s not about qualifications, it’s not because of where you’re from or how you look. You can have everything seemingly going against you but if you have a determination inside of you, you will succeed. The great thing is that you say that you really want to do well in life and that’s a very good starting point. So how can you develop this resolve? Don’t always go by what you feel Everyone feels lazy and like not doing anything at times. Let’s face it if we all listened to how we felt, most of us would wake up late and not do very much. But we don’t listen to how we feel, we get up anyway, take a shower and get ready to fa [...]

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