AnnaKarin Horneij  Women have to believe more in their own capacity By Fati Gorezi AnnaKarin Horneij is a successful businesswoman from Stockholm, Sweden and has a history of success as an inspirational speaker and a visionary. AnnaKarin also helps women all over the world to gain financial independence and advises them on how to build their own businesses. In this article she shares her story, her secrets of success, and most importantly, shares her tips for all those women who really want to find success in their lives and in their business. AnnaKarin’s story includes her struggles and personal experiences and how she has worked hard in several business areas. She tells us about the things that inspire her and what it means to be a successful entrepreneur . She also shows some of the ways to become a successful woman in life and in business with some valuable tips for all women who want to achieve success in building their own businesses. AnnaKarin, you’re very well known as a entrepreneur and Speaker. But what did the young AnnaKarin want to be when she grew up? From as young as three years of age I knew for certain I was going to be a dancer. We were living next door to a dance school in my hometown in the north of Sweden and I saw all the girls in their pretty costumes rehearsing for shows, and I wanted to be a princess too! And I was a lucky little girl when my mother put me in a dance class at the age of three. That is how my career in dance started out! What’s something most people don’t know about you? I have been collecting toys since an early age [...]

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