Andy Harrington- You have the Power to Achieve Success By Fati Gorezi Andy Harrington is ‘The Sunday Times’ best-selling Author of “Passion into Profit – How to make big money from who you are and what you know”. At age 29 Andy Harrington was working in a call-centre for an insurance company making just £1500 per month. Frustrated with his dead-end job he borrowed £10,000 from the bank and started a business that has now pulled in more than £50,000,000 ($78,000,000) in revenue. Having sold his company Andy has gone on to Coach Hollywood movie stars and some of the world’s best speakers through his Public Speakers University and Professional Speakers Academy. Andy is also the founder of “The Professional Speakers Academy” that helps business people position, perform and pitch their way to profit. He has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Sir Alan Sugar, Brian Tracy, Paul McKenna and Bob Proctor of ‘The Secret’ to name but a few. Could you please tell us a bit about you and how you started making money? I left school with no real qualifications to speak of and at age 15 I was working in a supermarket stacking shelves. My first pay packet was £42.21 for a week’s work…! At age 21 I joined an insurance company and sold car and house insurance on the phone and did this for seven years (this is where I had my first taste of being a speaker/trainer. Then at age 29 I started my first business in I.T recruitment. Within the first five years we generated revenue of £21,000,000. Then at age 34 I was inspired by Tony Robbins and star [...]

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