Alex Okoroji  ‘Empowering  people with the freedom to be the highest EXPRESSION of their truth’ By Fati Gorezi  Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress, Multiple Award Winning Media Personality, Speaker, Bestselling Author, Thought Leader and Global Influencer. She has over a decade of acting experience and is well versed in most aspects of performing – on Television, Film, Theatre and voice overs. She is the Creator of ‘The NAKED Philosophy’, and CEO and Creative Director at ‘The BRAG Media Company’ – a Media and Publishing Agency serving clients around the globe. She is a “Women Mentoring Women’s Mentor” for ‘Idea Builders’ global initiative and serves as an advocate for ‘Expression’, a ‘Reinvention Coach and a Multi-Platform ‘Ambassador for Self-Empowerment and Transformation.’ Alex is on a global mission to empower individuals to achieve the freedom mindset they need to challenge the illusion of perfection and to become the highest expression of their brilliance and greatness. Who or what inspired you to become an actress? I would say what inspired me to become an actress is the same thing that inspires me to do everything else I have done and continue to do over the course of my entire creative career. It is the same whether I am communicating in front of the camera as an actor, or on the microphone as a talk radio host or speaker or communicating with my writing via my books as an author or a coach. My inspiration came from watching a scene in the musical “Sister Act”. But the real decision to truly go [...]

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