“The ultimate achievement is to reach your goal while enjoying the ride”   You have a company called GoalAchievers. How do you define a goal achiever? A goal achiever to me is someone strongly driven by goals and constant hunger for more – more to do, create, learn, experience in life. A go-getter who keeps seeking new challenges – to explore and expand more of what they are capable of. This desire doesn’t come from a feeling of lack, nor from external expectations. It’s rather a personal character trait. So, when I talk about high achievers – which I do a lot – I mean this kind of mindset or attitude. Almost a personality type. These people are often passionate and visionary. They not only dream big, they also roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to make these dreams come true. And often they succeed – which makes them role models for others and gives them the “high achiever” status. But in my eyes these extraordinary achievements that the world sees and admires are not the reason for calling someone a goal achiever. These are natural results of being one. It sounds like these people achieve their goals no matter what. So, why would they need a coach? They don’t! Not in order to achieve their goals, at least. They would probably get there anyway, sooner or later. But what the outside world doesn’t realise is the high price that great many achievers pay for their achievements. The inner struggles they go through behind the scenes. The harshness they treat themselves with at times when they don’t live up to their own ideal of a su [...]

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