By Kicki Pallin   Alketa Vejsiu is one of the most famous personalities in Albania, with a solid and admired career in Television. But not everyone knows the challenges she has faced, being the face everyone recognises. Her heart beats for children, boosting their self love and lighthearted teaching how we can treat each other with respect. Being multi talented, Alketa has many other things going on professionally as well, and she is a mother of two. Alketa also claims she will be a student forever – and that she is a true hedonist!   Alketa, how important has all the media exposure you have received been for you? It is a great window of display for talent! So many talented people get lost because there is no window and no voice for them to let the world know what they are worth. Having a microphone in the radio, television time in front of the cameras or having your online space to communicate with the audience, is one of the greatest privileges of being a real influencer. It will allow you to be followed and heard! Media can give you the right marketing tool to shine, but marketing without a product is nothing. If you don’t have the added values in focus and the qualities that distinguish you from the crowd, then it equals NOTHING! Building a system of values and being a role model is the next big challenge when you have the opportunity to get there!   You are the host of many programs in your home country and recently the children’s show “In the Trap of Peter Pan”. What feelings does this program give you as a moderator, and as the mother of [...]

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