By Randi Morse Zineb Faress is the founder of Raphia, a Moroccan inspired luxury chocolatier based in London. She studied Hospitality Management at Ecole Hôtelière de Genève, a hotel management school in Geneva, Switzerland. Zineb has three children, two daughters and a son and is passionate about bringing a taste of Moroccan culture to London – and she wanted her children to have a legacy to remind them of their origins and culture. What triggered your passion for chocolate and confectionery? I studied hospitality management in Geneva, Switzerland and was surrounded by some of the finest chocolatiers in the world. This inspired me and ignited my idea to bring the flavours of Morocco — with a contemporary twist — to the world of artisanal chocolate and confectionery. The name adds to that luxurious feel of the brand, but where specifically did it come from? I looked to my own family for inspiration when deciding on what to name the brand. It’s actually named after my children, Rania and Sophia — a legacy to remind them of their origins and culture. Can you tell us about your business journey and particularly how COVID-19 has impacted the brand? Raphia launched its first chocolate and confectionery collections online, 18 months ago. My passion is to celebrate the flavours of Morocco — I felt that they were under-represented here in London and it is also important to me to keep alive the tradition of Moroccan hospitality and love of food, feasting, family, and community. The brand went from strength to strength and was supplying mostly business-to-busi [...]

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