Simonetta Lein – A Revolution in the Fashion Industry   By Fatima Gorezi Simonetta Lein is a Social Media Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador, Author, Millennial Activist and founder of The Wishwall Foundation. She is called the ‘Queen of Fashion’ and placed amongst Top 100 Fashion Influencers in the world. She was born in Italy, but today she is a global influencer who has her name written in golden letters in the fashion industry. She is a true inspiration for many girls and women out there. ‘’People need to be inspired and social media is changing with this new need and finding new ways of communication,” says Simonetta as she further explains how social media is bringing so much change in society and is becoming a very important factor in our daily life. Fulfilled with talent, creativity, and vision, she has earned the power and the right to influence through a combination of high-fashion and activism. You write about everything from fashion and beauty to travel. Can you tell us how you developed an interest in these areas? I started very young, when I was told at 16 I should have been a model. From there living in Milan Italy for many years and working as a Vanityfair influencer, the love for fashion came naturally. My first degree in Fine Arts and my formation as an actress helped as well to develop interests for all those areas. I am a curious person who has traveled a lot alone ever since I was a young adult, and I gained interest in everything that is art and fashion, all around the globe. What is the best and worst thing about being a fashion, [...]

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