Madi Sharma We are all responsible for driving change. No excuses! By Nika Jazaee Madi Sharma is an international public speaker, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship focusing on female gender balance and her passion for corporate social responsibility. She has been a victim of domestic violence, something she got herself through and as a single mother managed to establish her first company, starting from her kitchen. Madi has received the honours of the ‘Asian Woman of Achievement’ and the ‘UK’s Best Boss’ along with the fastest company to pass Investors in People. Read her incredible story of how she went from victim to “Victim of Changemaker.”   You call yourself “Victim of Changemaker” – why is that? At the age of 29, I found myself lying on the floor, having been beaten on every part of my body except my head – abusive men are very careful not to leave visible evidence of their handiwork! My four year old daughter was screaming as she watched and the neighbours continued to work on the gardens in the sunshine, turning a deaf ear to my screams for help. I understood at that point that looking in the other direction when an injustice was taking place, or defending such abuse, would only allow abuse to continue. So when I could get up from the floor, and when I found the strength to stand up – I picked up my children and I walked out to change not only my life, but the lives of others – Hence, from Victim to Changemaker! Can you tell us about the hardest period in your life and how you got through this time? I think t [...]

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