Jessica Finn Be happy doing work that is aligned with your inner purpose By Nika Jazaee Jessica Finn is a law and finance graduate with ten years of experience in the industry. Today, Jessica has a certification in Kinesiology and helps clients feel more balanced, clear and energised. Jessica reveals in this interview that her lowest point in life was when she lost her mother, and only then did she start to get to know herself. She realised that you can always find your path and start a new journey that is more aligned with your inner purpose.     Tell us about your early years in life. From an early age I wanted things to be ‘normal’ and predictable. I wanted everyone’s approval, from my parents to my teachers. I made sure to get good grades; I picked a degree that everyone agreed would lead to a good job. It became a pattern and I soon lost the ability to identify myself in anything. I got the good job and I got the promotion, everything I sought for it to look like a successful life. I worked really hard to succeed; only I never felt I was pleasing myself but someone else. The successful life I had built for myself was just a façade, but within I was lost. I started to think that maybe if I got the next promotion I will be pleased, or maybe if I start to work for another person things will change. However, I got the next promotion, and yet felt unhappy, actually it started to get worse. I could no longer understand why I was unhappy, I felt more lost than ever.  How did you move forward? During this time of self doubt, my mother passed away very suddenly. [...]

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