Tina Allton Yes I can Tina is an award winning entrepreneur, business owner and one of the world’s leading experts on relationships. She helps and mentors people to discover their true worth and value, and facilitate them in how to leverage that to achieve and surpass their dreams, aspirations and goals in life. People are often crying out for help whether at the work place, in relationships, or family situations etc. Equally some dare not cry out and need to be nurtured to get to the point of accepting and dealing with their issues.    Have you become who you always wanted to become in life? Yes, to some extent, I always wanted to be able to influence and make a difference in people’s lives for the better. This saw me start my working life as a teacher, and later to owning my own business, growing it mainly through nurturing my team and their relationships with our clients, which has led to Circle Podiatry becoming the UK’s #1 multi-award winning private podiatry brand. In 2013, I did the Key Person of Influence programme run by Dent.Global lasting one year. They monitor your progress in subsequent years and I was blessed in December 2015, together with my husband Peter, to win the prestigious title of Key Persons of Influence 2015. I also wanted to build a global business, which came to fruition in 2014, when my husband and myself launched our award winning, global not for profit organisation called undefeeted, which is about helping people who have diabetes to avoid lower limb amputations. This idea was born after our daughter was diagnosed with type one di [...]

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