Global Woman Summit 2016 Global Women shaping a new paradigm More than 200 women and men from a variety of countries around the world, representing most continents, experienced a weekend of holistic enlightenment and inspiration at the inaugural Global Woman Summit 2016 in London – organised by Mirela Sula, founder of Global Woman magazine – on the theme of ‘A new paradigm for changing the world.’ Each of the attendees joined together for a big conversation about the valuable role that women currently play in many areas of life – in the wider world and in their communities. All speakers and delegates came from across the world to listen and participate in what has become a vital topic for our future.   Renowned scientist, prolific author and founder of the Institute of New Paradigm Research, professor Ervin Laszlo, was the keynote speaker, with his talk: ‘The positive future of humankind is a global woman led future.’ Professor Laszlo stressed the valuable contribution that our womanly, feminine skills of listening, community building, family focus, caring, connection, contribution, care for nature and spirituality can have in changing the world paradigm to a safer, sustainable world where we can live in harmony together, as one big global family. The Founder of Global Woman Mirela Sula and The Founder of the Club of Budapest Dr Ervin Laszlo at the Global Woman Summit Other speakers included Anna Bachia, who spoke about the “unexplored path into the breathing of our life,” and the audience were mesmerised by a talk by Barbara Marx Hubbard, which was [...]

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