7 reasons why Romania needs Global Woman Club Bucharest   By Alexandra Badita In this era of constantly defining and redefining women’s role in society, we want empowerment to dissolve the expectations of what women should do or be. They can do or be whatever and whoever they want to be. Since women are now more involved in the business world, getting the right support is key to their growth. As we all know, thriving in an environment where everyone is against you is not impossible but it definitely makes it harder. So why not surround ourselves with like-minded people, share wins and losses and get motivated to aim higher? Global Woman Club is exactly the place to be when this type of growth is on your list. Global Woman Club brings women together not only at a local level, but from all over the world. Romania is one of the countries that is experiencing this shift now between women having the mom and wife job for their whole lives into having more and more feminine leadership in the workforce. ( Alexandra Badita- Director of Global Woman Club Bucharest) As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Global Woman Club has already changed so many perspectives and has offered a platform of expression to many women. Romania is hungry for continuing the transformation and shifting old-fashioned mentalities. And this is why Global Woman Club Bucharest needs to start and grow. Platform of change According to Gandhi’s quote, if we need to transform the world, we need to transform ourselves, we need to keep learning and developing ou [...]

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