6  trends that never go out of style in London By Fatima Gorezi Beautiful, rhythmic and dynamic, London is always the city of the moment: a vibrant heart of life and energy, but also of history, fashion and tourism. Whatever you’re coming for, be sure to come prepared for the experience it can offer. If you’re wondering what the timeless trends are, so you can always have them in your wardrobe, of course London is the city that holds the record. It’s a question fashion experts always ask in fact, but if one style goes away and another comes, there are some trends that are timeless. Take Autumn in London for example, along with some immortal street style. Just as the British soul is always looking for perfection, you can start with a chic look that will surprise you. A jacket From Burberry to Balmain, from Altuzarra to Alexander McQueen, designers have never been afraid to expose and propose jackets as a style of inspiration. Any look that has a jacket or a military coat for the fall season is an immortal style on the streets of London. If you were to add a soft feminine element to a dress, such as a leather skirt or a black dress, this look will always give you a fashionista look. Victorian style Black lace, mixed with leather, is one of the trends that have always been sought after by stylists. The lace detail is one of the gothic Victorian styles that originated in London and later found its way into the world’s largest footwear. Givenchy’s Richard Tisci, Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen have revived lace styles. A pullover A shirt and a p [...]

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