5 tips to start believing in yourself                                                            By Maini Homer You know, I spent 40 years of my life not believing in myself. Even though I’ve been pretty successful in business, my lack of self-belief held me back more than once. This lack of self-belief caused me to self – sabotage. It caused procrastination. It stopped me from putting excellent work out that could have changed the lives of thousands. This lack of self-belief really controlled my life. I had ideas, big ideas. Some of them I even got as far as implementing. But then, a simple comment from someone, or a perceived look from another would have me shutting it all down, as quickly as it had gone up. Having a lack of self-belief comes with many fears attached to it, such as worrying about what others will say and think of you, the fear of failure, and the fear of success. Another symptom of low self-belief is what we call “imposter syndrome”. This is when you may be really good at something, and you may even get complimented on it, yet you do not believe it yourself. It took me years to work out what the actual problem was. What many do not realise is, that self-belief comes from trust. Trusting in your own abilities. Believing you are good enough and worthy enough of success. Through my training, and my experiences over many years, I found the answers I needed to truly believe in myself, and I would love to share these answers with you now. Admitting you may need help Let me assure you: if you have this problem, yo [...]

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