4 Ways To Measure Your Digital Marketing Success By Jodie Manners For small business owners and solopreneurs, digital marketing can be a real slog. Without the multi-skilled departments that large companies enjoy or the wallets to pay expensive agencies, it can feel a bit like throwing everything against the wall and just hoping something will stick.  But it doesn’t have to be like this. There are simple ways to track success using freely available tools and just a little bit of know-how. In this article, I’ll describe four of the least time-consuming and most effective methods you can use to measure your digital marketing success. Define specific goals So, this one is less about how to measure success than it is how to make sure you can. But you’d be surprised how many people skip this part entirely or set poorly defined goals at the start of their campaigns. Too many people answer the question ‘what do you want to achieve?’ with vague and non-numerical statements like, “To grow my subscription list”, or “Increase my search engine rank”. The best that can then be said of meeting these targets is that ‘progress is happening’, or ‘improvements have been made’.  What we really want to know is by how much it has improved and how this relates to the outlay invested in the campaign so far. So, better targets would be “grow my subscription list by 5,000 people”, or “Make it to pages 1-3 of the search results for X keywords”. It’s even more useful to make these goals time-specific, e.g. “gain 5,000 new subscribers within 6 months”.  W [...]

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