ELENA CISMIGIU 4 ways to manage your fears Interview by Xhoana Lama ELENA CISMIGIU is a passionate advocate for women with disabilities and chronic illnesses. She is also a disabled woman herself, and shares her story as an inspiration for people who would love to take action. Elena wants everyone to be confident and follow their dreams, as she has done herself. From being a disabled student juggling an illness at university to a new start, when she created her own business. Elena is the Founder and Co-Director of HX  Lab, and also a super innovative and technological business expert in Psycholo ical and neurobiological research. ”Disability is not stopping us, it is fear playing this hard game with our minds. Fear is considered the real disability.” How has your background in entrepreneurship combined with neuro-science helped you to build your business? Having background in two very different areas made me more open-minded towards new innovative business ideas and projects. Neuroscience gave me the factual skills needed to present ideas in a scientific way and allowed me to analyse information with a more critical eye. While creating my business and choosing my niche, I realised how much information online in the business culture, especially in marketing, uses science in the wrong way. Information provided to an every day consumer is stated as science-based, but most of the time it is not. The misinformation provided motivated me to combine actual scientific explanation and data in my business. Having disabilities in business is a kind of tabu, how could you manage [...]

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