3 tips on how to lead wisely in the new reality by Randi Næss Dear fellow leader, I like to think of us leaders as a community, that support andby  help each other to find solutions that are good for all long term purposes. This takes me to a question I’d like to ask you: Do you feel it is easy to take a lead and not follow on autopilot and repeat the past? What path forward do you believe in? In any case, I would like to contribute to you feeling confident with taking the lead, so here are 3 tips on leading wisely at the crossroad many businesses face right now. It is about understanding the key to embracing a shift – from living to work, start leading to live instead. The ability to lead more wisely to be a sustainable change leader welcomes more attention. We live in a time where businesses are challenged to re-think their fundamental structures. By “fundamental structures”, I mean perspectives on humans, cultures and systems. It is recommended they are updated, touched-up or entirely rebuilt for a new reality. I see trust and respect as scene-setting. As leaders, we simply need to dare (and be able to) re-think. We need to take new insights into account. And all this needs to be balanced in order to succeed in the new reality. Leaders and businesses that want to succeed in the new reality will benefit from paying special attention to 3 areas: Humans Cultures Structures 1.Rethink humans and purpose − achieve higher commitment With increased automatisation comes a greater need for finding meaning to one’s work. For the co-workers to find their [...]

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