By Atanaska Donkova Who would have guessed that happiness is subject to any principles or laws? Isn’t happiness free and accessible to everyone? And if so, why so many people live in adversity, suffer pain, grief, loneliness, hardship, or failures? A huge number of the population despite the good financial results, successful career, luxury possessions, even being in marriage, are unfortunate. On the other hand, lacking all the above listed also leaves us unhappy… Confusing, isn’t it? As the artist paints, he carefully chooses the shadows and the colours of the picture, which hе has previously “seen”. Similarly, we must know what happiness is for us. Happiness, as well as the finished picture, are the result of a lengthy process through which we must pass. It is here that I will give you the three principles that lead us to happiness. Principle of affiliation-inclusion of the excluded According to this principle, everyone has their own given place in the family/system. We have to include something or someone who has previously been excluded, even if it has been done by ancestors of two or more generations. This could be even a partner that hurt us and we don’t want to know or hear about him; whom we want to “forget”. The excluding person experiences this process extremely painfully. When there is exclusion, it takes away from our energy, and right then the failures occur and the inability to realise ourselves and our projects. The inclusion of the excluded returns this energy, making it available for investment in our projects [...]

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