Three ways students can be productive and happier during remote learning By Violeta Mece This is a difficult time for everyone, and we all are staying home trying to keep ourselves busy. I just had a video call with my nieces and nephews who now are home, very bored, sometimes upset and sometimes with no encouragement at all. This situation created because of COVID-19 is going to be over soon, but in the meanwhile, we need to do our best for our family, for our children. As Nietzsche would say, “When we are in need, not only we need to be patient, but we also have to love the situation we are in.” I am busy teaching many hours a week, and the parents of my students are continuously requesting me to give more homework to them. But is this the only right solution for the student: to have more homework? I am introducing to you three ways how which make our children more productive and happier while staying and studying at home. Eating healthily Firstly, I really believe that eating healthily is crucial for all students. A rich diet can really help students to learn better. That is because they will have a better memory, and they will also remain very focused. In other words, if they will eat food rich in proteins, fiber via all kinds of nutritional foods (such as kale, salmon, seaweed, garlic, shellfish, potatoes, liver, sardines, egg yolk, and fruits like blueberries, green apple), students will feel concentrated, will have energy, and won’t be at risk of obesity. Students who follow a good diet will achieve more. Eating healthy, and also sleeping enough, timely hours [...]

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