Barbara Allen The reason i Hated my Life – And the reason I live now By Srishti Kapoor Barbara suddenly lost her husband, Lt. Louis Allen, who was murdered by a fellow soldier just 10 days after he deployed to Iraq. She raised four young boys alone while dealing with the trauma and struggling to find her own will to live. She gathered the strength and endured a three and a half year court-martial process that resulted in the acquittal of her husband’s killer. Her tragic experience directed her to become a coach as she could relate and guide people towards the right path when they feel stuck or are going through a tragedy. Today she is a speaker, award-winning author, gold star wife, and Military Gold Star family advocate. She is the co-host of American Snippets, a podcast where her audience can listen and learn from top entrepreneurs, leaders, influencers, and extraordinary Americans that are living the American Dream. Can you tell me something about yourself? What has your journey been like over the past few years?  The past few years have been packed with powerful changes for me, beginning with my 42nd birthday when I finally understood I was going to have to fight to get my life back. I’m 47 now and my entire life is different because I made the decision to stop using my pain as an excuse for allowing myself to be a victim. Today I am able to focus more on gratitude for my life and its gifts than I do on my grief and my pain. I am engaged to an amazing man and stepmom to his two children. My four boys are big now! Three are in college and one is going to b [...]

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