15 steps to keep your resolutions on track By Sue Rakowski So many of us seem to have lost the bounce in our step. Our optimistic and enthusiastic selves are being beaten down in a quagmire of chaos. Formerly impassioned souls have been shut down, broken and frustrated by forces in life we can’t control: politics, the economy, embattled healthcare and the environment, to name a few. We don’t want to just get by in life; we want to thrive. There are steps we can take to climb out of the emotional pothole in which we find ourselves. The secret is to call up your inner healing superhero to pull you up from this dead end rut. We have the tools within us to make dramatic change, to make a wish and dream new dreams. We can pilot our way to a wonderful life of positivity, hope and strength. I know because I did it. A series of defeats in life, bereavements and unfulfilled aspirations sent me into a downward spiral. No one was coming to save me. I decided to write my own no-nonsense, realistic manual to pull myself out of the quicksand. I went “From Sue to Suetastic.” If I did it you can do it, too. My cure was to rock my inner superhero. I relied on fifteen basic techniques to lift myself and my spirits out of a tired and uninteresting place. Use this blueprint to fight the mid-winter blues and keep your 2020 target goals on track. 1. Flip Your Script Were you taught somewhere along the way by a parent, a teacher, a boss, that self-belief is arrogant and egotistical? It can be when taken to extremes. But being your own superhero is building a trust in yours [...]

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