Marie Cosgrove – I Purchased the Company That Fired Me  By Fatima Gorezi Marie Cosgrove is a successful author and entrepreneur with a proven track record of turning failing companies into profit centers. Her success has come from being fired from a medical device manufacturing company, specializing in developing devices to help  doctors diagnose concussions, traumatic brain injuries, dizziness, and vertigo, to purchasing the same company who had fired her. Eight years later, she continues to lead this company and has taken it international. She also grew a start-up medical device company specializing in arterial and vascular diagnostic solutions, into a 14-million-dollar company within two years. As a renowned international speaker, she talks about how we can rebuild these neurological connections, strengthen cognitive ability, and ‘unleash the genius mind’ that is inside us all.  You have over 15 years’ experience in the medical industry. How do you remember the beginning? The beginning of my career in the medical industry began during a very dark period of my life. I had recently quit working for a Fortune 500 company managing a $600 million dollar marketing budget, because I had to flee a domestic violence situation. My four kids and I left it all because our lives were at risk. We had no home of our own, no car and I had no means to support us. I applied for many sales positions, and I was determined to find a job in sales working for a straight commission, so that I could control my income and the number of hours I worked. But no one wanted to hire [...]

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