10 ways to let Vedic Art inspire practices for changing your lifestyle By Aradhana Sangwan “To be mindful is to pay attention in an open and nonjudgmental way to the present moment” Vedic art has been a source of mindfulness and meditation for many years. It is an intuitive art form that allows you to connect with your soul and express your inner creativity. This ancient practice stems from seventeen core principles of the Vedas – the oldest scriptures in Hinduism. Learning the Vedic form of expression is not about mastering a brush or tool as in other art forms. Rather, it is about building a relationship between one’s inner self and the greater cosmic self. It is about discovering the rawest form of expression and applying this to our lives to achieve a deeper understanding of nature and the world around us. It is about the art of navigation. A few years ago, I was introduced to the Vedic way of life. Since then it has only become a bigger and bigger part of my lifestyle, culminating at the start of my jewelry line – ARRA. The line uses semiprecious stones with healing properties that trace back to the origins of Vedic teachings. ARRA’s aim is to inspire women to discover their own creativity and mindfulness in the same way Vedic art inspired mine. Below are some of the Vedic practices that I have implemented in my daily routine. Keep on reading to discover 10 ways to stay mindful, positive and get in touch with your inner self. 1. Shift your Focus to Creating Art is nothing but the ability to create. When you find yourself stressed or with a hundred [...]

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