10 top Global Women who inspired our audience in 2018 What does power and inspiration look like now? As we assembled ‘Global Woman’ inaugural list of the most influential and inspiring women of 2018, it became clear that this question is more complicated than ever to answer. Power and influence now take many forms. It is no longer enough, simple or the same as in the old establishment. It does, however, require an eye-watering level of achievement, the ability to inspire, and the clout to change the others life.2018 has been for us a great year, when we have shared with our audience many stories of incredible women, how they have overcome challenges, have built their business and international success. They all are women who have given so much to the world, a huge contribution to the society and the economy, after they have found their feet. They have both a ‘’ survive and thrive’’ instinct that drives them, as you for sure have discovered in each featured interview during this year.  These women focus in business, coaching, fashion industry, philanthropy or political sphere and use their voice to change power structures and create a lasting impact. Many of them are authors as well and thanks to the digital age we live in, you can meet them and their business inspiration on social media where they share impactful wisdom and insights.So these are the women of this year, an extraordinary cast of leaders defining – and redefining – the way women are thinking in many countries now.   Barbara Marx Hubbard Author, Futurist, Public Speaker, co-founder and co-chai [...]

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