10 things that women entrepreneurs should do in 2020 By Lucia Zucci It’s very hard for female entrepreneurs to stand out in the business world, but with the right ideas and approach, it can very well be a great experience for them. It all comes down to understanding how to start a business, how to promote its products and how you can establish yourself as a company in a crowded market. With that in mind, here are some things female entrepreneurs need to know in 2020. Join Global Woman Club to make sure you are not alone in this journey The Next meeting will be A Breakfast at Vodafone HQ in London   1. Work in multiple fields The reason why you want to do that is because you can understand all facts of a business. You want to know both pros and cons, as that’s the only true way to reach success, so try to take that into consideration the best way that you can. When working in multiple fields you will also benefit from different perspectives, and it can create a cross-fertilisation.  2. See every simple task as something you can learn from A great way to expand and grow as an entrepreneur is to use all opportunities you get to learn something. Even a simple task can help you grow, so try to keep that in mind. It is even so that when we are able to be mindful doing the simplest task, we can also be present to new ideas coming to us. We can find unusual solutions to problems that we are experiencing in another part of our business. 3. Learn from failure when it appears For many female entrepreneurs, failure is success in disguise. Even if it might not seem like a [...]

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